A Story of a Unique Spiritual Journey


This is a book that has been greatly needed since Lord Pentland’s passing in 1984. Among the many hundreds of pupils whom he served and led as our teacher of the Gurdjieff way, who would write it, who could write it? Madeline Gold has proved able, and more than able. Working as Lord Pentland’s secretary for some years, and always his pupil and friend, she was formidably receptive to the wisdom he offered daily through word and incident, all the while remaining strongly her own person — questioning, responding, suffering, maturing. As if there were a cuneiform tablet somewhere in her, it was all marked down and now finds its voice — her clear, uncluttered, astute voice — in these pages. Missing from transcripts of meetings even with great teachers is the immediate perception of their presence, far and away the most important thing at the time. What really was it like to be around such a person? Madeline Gold somehow finds the way. This is what it was like to be around him. A radiant teacher; a radiant book

— Roger Lipsey, author of Gurdjieff Reconsidered


I was magnetized by the teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff at an early age and it remains my first spiritual language. But many are the paths to study ourselves, our life on earth and in this beautiful universe. This is the story of my path so far.

I live in Northern California where I have a private practice in psychotherapy focusing on adult development and relationships, anxiety and depression, grief and loss, self-actualization and the right and healthy relationship to ourselves. I consider it sacred space.


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